The members of the German Section at UTA (University of Texas Arlington) are dedicated to helping students succeed in becoming proficient in German and in understanding the German-speaking cultures of Europe.

To that end we offer a comprehensive program for students wishing to minor in German, major in Critical Languages and International Studies focussing in German, or to simply learn more about the German language and its culture. Whether you want to teach, combine business and German, study literature, history, or philosophy, or advance your proficiency in the German language, we are here for you.

Browse our Web site for information about German studies as well as information about German-related events both on the UTA campus and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

If you have any questions, please contact Sabine Harvey. We - Ms. Becky Christenberry, Ms. Sabine Harvey, Ms. Kerstin Hellwege, Ms. Ketevan Karukhnishvili, Ms. Hildegard Lombardo, Dr. Pete Smith, and Ms. Amy Titus are here to help you achieve your academic goals as they relate to German.
Home from college over the summer or a high school student looking for dual credit? Beginning German being offer at UTA (University of Texas at Arlington)....
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