Symphony Arlington

Reasons To Go To The Symphony – part 1

Reason #1 Nothing can replace watching a dynamic, vibrant performance of live music (even though we offer live streaming – nothing compares to Live music)! There is passion and athleticism in musicianship, and it is worth watching a concert to witness this for yourself.

Reason #29 We have wine concessions during intermission and you can bring that drink into the auditorium! 

Reason # 43 You don't have to dress up for the symphony, most people don’t - but it sure is fun!

Reason #102 You deserve an evening out!

Reason #79 Social Media posts are more sophisticated if they include the phrase, “Last night when I was at the symphony…”

Reason #69 March’s guest conductor this month is from Mexico and is the music director at Yucatan Symphony Orchestra.

Reason #4 It is an impressive date night.

Reason #17 It is St. Patrick’s Day - Join Symphony Arlington March 17th.


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