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Courtesy of Scarborough Faire

For all you lords and ladies out there still wondering what to do this Memorial Day Weekend how about heading south to Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie.  If you are scratching your head and wondering what Scarborough Faire even is, it is a Renaissance fair that transports visitors back in time.  Based in the 16th century during the time of King Henry VIII, there are over 20 stages and 200 performances that take place during the festival.  You can even watch a jousting match and enjoy the many shops and food stalls that date back to that time. Helaine Thompson who handles public relations for Scarborough Faire offers her top 10 tips on how best to enjoy your time at Scarborough Faire.

  •  Arrive early (by 9:30) to avoid the traffic backups and to park closer to the gate;
  •  Bring cash – the food booths, games & rides only accept cash.  There are ATM’s throughout the site, but they tend to have lines throughout the day.  The ticket booth, the Rose & Crown Inn Restaurant and most of the Shoppes do accept cash;
  •  Costumes are welcome but not required. If you want to become more a part of the experience come in costume, but if you prefer just to people watch jeans/t-shirt attire is more than welcome as well;
  •  Buy a program – there are over 200 shows that take place throughout the Festival day.  A program will help you decide which ones you want to see and when;
  •  Pace yourself & have a plan – with 27 stages, over a dozen artisan demonstrations, 200 shoppes, games of skill, rides and more you can wear yourself out going back & forth around the Festival’s 35-acre site.  So, it’s best to pick out the top things that you want to experience in each of the three areas of the site (Holly Field, Crown Meadow & Pecan Grove) and try to visit each of those while you are in that area;
  • Drink plenty of water – Scarborough is a completely outdoor festival so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. There are a number of water fountains throughout the Festival site and at each of the full-service restrooms in addition to numerous drink booths where you can purchase bottled water;
  • Privies – even though Scarborough is set in the 16th Century we do have the modern convenience of full flush restrooms that are called “Privies.” There is one set of these restrooms in each of the three areas of the festival site along with a number of port-a-potties;
  • Meeting places – the cellular & wi-fi accessibility is limited at the Scarborough site so if your group is splitting up it is best to select a meeting place and time to meet back up. It may be difficult to connect with each other on your cell phones;
  • Food options – the Festival has five different food courts with many different food options including those with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food preferences. Check the website and/or program for the details.  Also, Scarborough has mostly non-fair food options available including pasta, fresh pastries, Scottish Eggs, German food, stir fry, crab cakes, Fajitas, baked potatoes, Ettoufee and the largest food-on-a-stick selection in Texas. Venture out and try some of our specialties;
  •  Don’t miss the parade & living chess match – Two of our signature events are must sees.  At 1 p.m. each day the Grande Parade takes place throughout the Festival site and is a spectacle of villagers, entertainers, shoppes and even the Royal Court.  At 4 p.m. each day is the Living Chess Match – yes, its chess played with real combatants.
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