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Photo courtesy SEA LIFE Aqaurium

Here’s a little something that all recyclers can sink their claws into for Earth Day.  It’s the SEA LIFE Grapevine “Sink Your Claws Into Recycling” program, which is a nod to raising awareness about the importance of recycling every day. 

To celebrate the Aquarium’s recent opening, the claw sculpture will be created by using over 1,500 cans. Guests to the Aquarium are ask to take part in the project by bringing in cans in exchange for free admission.

Standing six-feet when completed, Kelly Schwartz, General Manager, SEA LIFE Grapevine says “The Claws exhibit at SEA LIFE will host different crustaceans from around the world including a Japanese spider crab, a coconut crab, porcupine crabs, land crabs and even lobsters. To celebrate the arrival of our newest creatures, SEA LIFE has undertaken this recycling project to not only educate our visitors on the importance of recycling, but show them how we as individuals can help improve marine life.”  

Being designed by local artist Val Curry the sculpture idea was born, according to Schwartz, by the creative brainstorm of the SEA LIFE Grapevine team.

Schwartz says she believe that the claw sculpture will bring attention to recycling and how the idea fits into the aquarium philosophy.

“Recycling sits close with the SEA LIFE brand, as it’s vital to protecting our oceans and environment. By asking guests to donate their empty soda cans and turning their trash into art, we hope to inspire them to continue recycling as well as educate them on the importance of keeping our waters clean.”

As one of the world’s largest aquarium brands, SEA LIFE is also involved in a number of charities to help preserve the oceans for future generations.

“Our registered charity, The SEA LIFE Trust makes a huge contribution to marine conservation,” Schwartz explains.  “We are active campaigners in raising awareness of critical issues facing the creatures of the oceans. One of our most recent campaigns is WDC Wipe Out Whaling. SEA LIFE is also a conservation partner of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program that recommends which seafood to buy or avoid based on whether the item is fished or farmed in a way with less environmental impact.”

Schwartz says at SEA LIFE it is encouraged that guests engage with the marine life through the displays of real creatures and experiences as well as educational talks, short films, and the Breed Rescue Protect program where guests are given information about activities that threaten marine life while also pointing out solutions. 

“Throughout the year, SEA LIFE works hard to create an eco-friendly environment through several local initiatives including organizing local lake clean ups, SEA LIFE Green Team campaigns [recycle & save initiative for plastic bags – save 10% on admission when guests bring in 20 bags for us to recycle], a Young Environmentalist program encouraging kids to create a positive impact on the environment through learning important conservation topics and helping brainstorm ways to spread the message to their friends and families and promoting initiatives at community outreaches.”

From now through April 1, with the purchase of one adult ticket and donation of five empty soda cans, folks will receive one free child’s admission to SEA LIFE Grapevine and for five more cans each additional child age three to 12 will get a ticket for $5.

The completed crab sculpture will be unveiled on Earth Day at SEA LIFE Grapevine and will travel to popular Dallas-Fort Worth areas this summer afterward remaining on public display indefinitely for patrons to enjoy. 

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