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Courtesy of Earth Day Texas

If you didn’t get enough of Earth Day during the month of April then the Earth Day Texas folks have a sure cure for you that will last all year.  

Earth Day Texas, a nonprofit organization focused on environmental education and awareness, recently launched a signature event series, Earth Day Texas Expeditions (EDTx EXP).  The first event will take place on October 15, 2016 and will allow participants a chance to get to know a local and ecologically significant destination in the state of Texas.

The trips, depending on destination will be either half or full days.

Jerry Hess, CEO of Earth Day Texas said “With the momentum and excitement built by this year's highly attended Earth Day Texas Exposition, the time was right to launch Expeditions. We approached some of our long-term partners and they were enthusiastic about it. We felt that by launching Expeditions, we could facilitate turn-key field trips for the citizens of North Texas and emphasize our mission of environmental education.”

The events will be intimate and immersive experiences according to Hess and will be led by conservation experts who will cover the wildlife, historic background and environmental significance of each destination.

“This program reinforces our mission by focusing on the educational value of exploring and learning about our natural surroundings,” Hess said.

Locations as diverse as Fossil Rim, the Great Seed Bomb, the Trinity River Audubon Center, Groundwork Dallas or this month’s John Bunker Sands Wetland Center are all on the calendar for expedition.   

October’s expedition at John Bunker Sands Wetland Center located on the Rosewood Seagoville Ranch property is just 25 miles outside of Dallas.  It is a 2,000-acre East Fork Wetland Project that also provides education and research opportunities regarding water conservation, wetland systems and wildlife management.

“With all of our trips, we strive to educate the community, which is why all of them will be guided by experts in the field,” said Hess. “We would like to give our explorers a behind-the-scenes look at the unique natural habitats of North Texas. Each one will be different in that we will be physically exploring venues like Texas Lakes, forests, hiking trails and more.”

At this point it is uncertain if the expeditions will be every month or every quarter, but the cost is $35 for the trip in October and that includes lunch.  Registration is open to anyone 18 years and older.

 “We continue to develop new ways to encourage people to think about conservation and environmental quality year-round,” Hess concluded.  “Each trip will be different.  We are reaching out to several potential “hidden gems” around North Texas and coordinating their involvement with Expeditions.”

 To reserve a spot for the October 15, 2016 trip email  

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