It is not sufficient to have a driver's license or play racing video games to make you the one suitable to ride a Go Kart and win a race. If you ever visit a Go Kart racing track, then you will understand how different it is to ride a Go Kart compared to other vehicles.

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As you now can have a Go Kart easily, let us see how to win a race. Having a look at the tips that we will share with you will not be such that you avoid racing at a birthday party or a corporate event. On the other hand, our tips will help you to amaze others by winning the race.

Position of Hands On The Wheel

When you intend to drive a Go Kart, it is not to show style to impress your girlfriend standing on the side of the track. It would help if you held the wheel rightly to drive correctly and not meet with an accident. Not properly holding the driving wheel may not allow you to properly tackle the bends, leading you to lose a race. You may be thinking about what the best position to hold the driving wheel is. The best place is 10 and 2. It is also not wise to leave the grip and wave to other competitors before you finish the race. Leaving the driving wheel can make you lose control of the Go Kart.

Sit Still

Make yourself comfortable before you fasten the seat belt while driving a Go Kart. After you have buckled yourself, do not move or lean forward. Doing so will not help you in any way to race correctly. It would be best if you sat still without moving or leaning forward while driving the Go Kart. You need to properly fasten the seat belt so that you do not slide back and forth. Sliding back and forth, you can have rug burn from the shirt you are wearing.

Learn How to Brake Properly

Go Karts differ in the way the brakes work. It is best to know about the braking mechanism of the Go Kart that you have before you set out to race. This understanding will help you run at a speed as you know exactly when to brake so that you have a perfect pace to tackle the corner and bends. If you know how hard or soft to press the pedal to have the ideal control of the speed, you can have perfect control of the kart.

Try Various Lines

It is not possible at your first try to know what lines you need to maintain while at the corner or the bends. You need to try different lines and angles at different corners to decide which one is the ideal one. It is best to watch other competitors notice what line and angle they follow while tackling corners. The practice is the essence of learning the best lines and angles you need to follow.

Drive Straight

If you drive straight, then you will notice that you reach a destination fastest. It is the same in Go Kart tracks. Tracks generally have a long straight course where you need to speed at an ideal pace and decrease the speed accordingly to tackle the corners. The straight drive will help you to go past competitors and win the race.

The Practice Has no Alternative

Before you hit the track to compete, you need to have adequate preparation. The practice has no alternative to master the art of riding a Go Kart correctly. So, do practice and have the confidence that you can win the race before you actually participate.

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