At Arlington Power Sports, we make it possible for you to have 4 seater Go Kart at an affordable price. We stock only Go Karts of reputed brands and even take care of your financial hardship as we allow you to buy now and pay later. However, it is not that your responsibility ends with purchasing a Go Kart. You need to maintain the vehicle properly so that you can ride it safely for long. Here are a few maintenance tips that we think you need to keep in mind if you desire your Go Kart to look and perform best.

Maintaining The Chain

Maintenance of chain is of utmost importance and you can do that easily by applying some chain lube and allowing it to settle for 10 minutes. Loosening of the chain happens with time; you need to tighten the chain, so there is no slack. The chain should not be tightened too tight as then it might move the kart even when nobody is sitting on the seat. In case you are installing a new sprocket or clutch, it is best to change the chain and ensure that you have the correct size.

Maintaining the Engine

It is necessary to keep the Go Kart 4 seater engine that you have from us in good working condition. To maintain the engine, you need to change the engine oil every 25 hours of running the kart. This will allow every internal part to have proper lubrication. When changing the oil, you need to make sure that you disconnect the spark plug wire. Even if you have recently changed the oil, you need to check the oil before you start riding the Go Kart. Doing such, you can be sure that there is sufficient oil and the internal parts will not have damaged during the ride.

Maintenance of Spark Plug

It is also necessary to maintain the spark plug if you want your Go Kart to perform correctly. When you change the engine oil, you need to unplug the spark plug wire and check if it is correct. You need to ensure that the electrodes are clean and there should not be excess oil or carbon for the engine's best performance. It is best to replace the spark plug yearly.

Maintaining the Brake System

Maintaining the brake system is of utmost importance for your safety when you ride the Go Kart. If you see that the brake pad is not stopping the kart as it should, then you need to adjust the brake rod. You can change the length of the rod utilizing the fastener. It would be best if you kept an eye on the fastener regularly because a fastener's failure can cause a failed braking system.

Along with these maintenances, you need to keep an eye to notice any sign of wear. You also need to see if the tires have proper inflammation,

If you follow these maintenance tips, then it is for sure that you can ride the 4 seater Go Kart that you have from us for a long.

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