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‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through my house

It was all hands on deck. Yes, even my spouse.

The cousins are coming, Uncle Joe, Aunt Sue,

So much to get ready, so much to do.


The children are wrestling and wrangling the tree,

While poor dad takes the nieces on a shopping spree,

And mamma in her athleisure wear, I in my Keds,

Have divvyed up dusting, laundry and making the beds.


But what of the baking of holidays treats?

The cousins are picky but demanding of sweets.

Away to my car I flew like a flash

Knowing right where in Arlington to spend my cash.


Cooper Street Bakery is the first place I go

Their wedding cakes delight, but their pies steal the show

The buttermilk pie will please cousin Ed

As will specialty cookies for his brother Fred.


Cindy’s 6th birthday is coming up soon.

A Barbie cake from Paris Bakery? She’ll be over the moon.

Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery cupcakes: perfect for Friday’s buffet.

Each flavor so divine, they won’t last a day.


With so many pie-lovers coming to stay

I knew in a moment: go to Jay Jay Cafe

(you’ve got to have more than one trick up your sleeve).

Sugar-free rhubarb for Barb; sweet potato for Steve.


More rapid than reindeer my next course direction

Led me to Nothing Bundt Cakes for delicious confections.

So many to choose from! I’m so glad I came.

I stepped up to the counter and called them by name:


"Red velvet! Carrot! Cinnamon Swirl!

White Chocolate Raspberry! I’ll give them all a whirl.”

With my mouth stuffed with frosting, I’m set to explore

My two favorite bakeries in new retail stores.


Cake Bliss is just that: heavenly flavors and scents

Even cousin Arnold will be so glad that I went.

At The Cakery I’ll order a sculpted creation

For our New Year’s party, the next big occasion.


Joe and Sue from Chicago love nothing more

Than to savor fried pies from Mindy Lu’s Pies store.

Knowing they hide some in their luggage -- they usually do --

I’ll be sure to leave extras out in plain view.


With a blink of an eye, my SUV filled,

I thought to myself, “Everyone will be thrilled.”

The memories we’ll make as we gather as one,

sharing stories, laughter, cookies and fun


Bring us closer together. How lucky am I

for the blessings of family and faith and pie.

And much like St. Nick, as I drove out of sight,

I reached for my bundt and took a big bite.

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