Grassroots Environmental Campaigns For Arlington



Central Standard Time



Lake House of Richard Simpson Park
6300 W Arkansas Ln
Arlington, Texas 76016

August 2, 2017  Grassroots Environmental Campaigns For A Liveable Arlington by Ranjana Bhandari

Presenter: Ranjana Bhandari is a long time Arlington resident with a Master's in Economics from Brown University. She was an Economics Professor and then a stay at home mother when drilling arrived in Arlington. She founded Liveable Arlington in January 2015 because she had serious concerns about pollution from gas drilling and its detrimental effects upon our citizens. Ranjana is a member of the Core Advisory Board of the national organization, Halt The Harm, "a people-powered network connecting Leaders and Supporters in the movement to halt the harms of fracking, to solve problems, collaborate, share ideas and inspire each other to halt gas development's impact on our families, communities and environment."

Program Description: Ranjana will discuss some of her group's efforts in the last two years, including the recent Save Lake Arlington campaign against the Bluestone injection well, and look at local issues of concern that her group wants to work on in the future.  See for details and map.