D Schoech – Guest Contributor
Sep 5 @ 11:27 am
Arlington 2024 Solid Waste Zoom talk by Tyler Hurd



Central Standard Time



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Join Tyler Hurd on Zoom for the latest updates on Arlington's recycling and solid waste efforts.  Recycle bins are getting bigger and trash bins are replacing trash bags in Feb 2024.  Glass is no longer recyclable.  Have your questions ready for Tyler who is the person who can give you the answers. 

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630PM social time and equipment check
7PM presentation

Tyler Hurd is new to Arlington but not to the solid waste field, having held various management positions in Denton's Solid Waste Residential Waste Collections department and more recently in Irving as waste collections manager. With an M.S. in public administration from the University of North Texas and 15 years experience analyzing, budgeting, and planning for neighboring cities, he is well prepared to modernize and streamline Arlington's waste collection, disposal, and recycling operations. Zoom in Sept. 6 to hear how he intends to do just that.