Arlington Black Chamber January General Meeting



Central Standard Time



Tu-Chi Social Club of Arlington
2525 E. Arkansas Ln, Suite #253
Arlington, Texas 76010

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Calling All Black Business Owners, Consultants, Prime & Sub Contractors, Doctors, Dentists, Realtors, Landscapers, Painters, Nonprofits, Restaurant Owners, Architects, Engineers, & Entrepreneurs...

On your mark. Get set. Get Ready.... Let's Gooooo!!!! 2022 is here, whether you're ready to hustle hard or not!!! Month in, month out, you have to focus, grind, & handle up. One customer, transaction, and day at a time.

If you don't pay to Market & Advertise your Business, then YOU have to show up to Outreach & Networking Events to spread the great news about your business YOURSELF!!!

Business Cards, Brochures, and your butts in seats is how you create your own Momentum Marketing Campaign. Showing Up, Signing In, Getting Registered, & Networking produces real results!!

If you attend at least 10 Arlington Black Chamber monthly meetings a year, you can increase your business exposure exponentially to more than 2,000 other business owners and entrepreneurs that are running the same race you are.

2021 owes us nothing!! We closed it out with a record-setting Arlington Black Chamber meeting that hosted over 400 Black Business Owners, Nonprofits, Doctors, Realtors, M/WBE, HUB, & SBA professionals, and many more.

Now, we get the honor and privilege of doing it all again!!! Bring your Business cards, a great handshake, a winning smile, and your best Elevator Pitch!!